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Dessicator Dry Cabinet PCB Storage 1436 L 4 Door 1-10%RH N2 purging

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1.Reliable drying solution based on physical character of humidity absorbing&exhausting of the desiccant enclosure, with no  vacuum needed and low power consumption.
2,Installed smart control N2 purging system for your option, to safely keep the items made of brass, bronze, silver, tungsten, etc. that are likely to go oxidized from oxidation.3,LED display, Honeywell humidity sensor with error as ±3%RH.4, Quality 1mm and 1.2mm cold rolled steel, reinforced structure, high intensity bearing, each shelf loading over 60kg.5, 3.2mm tempered glass for viewing inside status.6, Zinc alloy lock with air press.7, ROHS certified powder coating technology to keep your stored items from pollution and static shock.8, Smart Control System and resettable target humidity.9, Compliant with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033, and CE certified.

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1, Dessicator dry cabinet 1436 liter capacity for ultra low humidity control 1-10%RH, with N2 purging system.2, Closed loop humidity controlled drying and storage cabinets, 4 windows and 5 shelves, for humidity control storage ofMSD, moisture sensitive device, like various electronic components and PCB boards.3, CATEC Technologies "Active Desiccant" dry units incorporating CATEC –Flow Technology, with humidity limitation alarming system and humidity/temperature data logging.4, Continually regenerated molecular sieve desiccant. 5,Protect your valuable components from micro-cracking and delamination. 6, Less than 10% RH guaranteed, resettable control range 1-10%RH. 7, Normally less than 20 minutes to return to <10% RH after a door is opened and moisture rising up to 20%RH !8, Not only drying storage, but also rapid moisture removal, dust proof and anti-ESD from your components.9, Less than 120 W average power consumption. 10,Accuracy of display, humidity +/- 3% RH, temperature +/- 1℃.11, Meet the international industry standard IPC/Jedec J-STD-033. CE and ROHS certified.


Product Information Technical Details

Drying Cabinet Applicationhumidity control safety storage of electroniccomponents Material steel
Capacity liter1436Finishpowder coating
Height 75"StandardIPC/Jedec J-STD-033C
Width 47"Includes4castors 2 with brake, 4supportors 
Depth 28"DisplayLED
No. of Doors6Colordark blue
No. of Shelves5Drying methodCATEC patented drying unitwith desiccant enclosure
Shelf loading capacity  lbs132Assemblyassembled
Humidity Recovery Time for Door OpenOpen door 30 seconds and close, 20 mins recovery time to <10%RH

Additional Information


Materialheavy duty carton with steel pallet 
Height 84"
Depth 32"
Width 51"
Gross Weight lbs415
Net Weight lbs374

FQA about CATEC drying cabinets

1. Why is drycabinet necessary for SMT industry?

Ashumidity is found to be one of the key reasons for rejected products, manymanufacturers are taking measures to control the humidity to increase theirproduction efficiency and save the cost. In the industries of semi-conductorand electronics, the key section in which the rejected products are most proba blyto be made is that during the heating process of SMT, the IC (e.g., PBGA, BGA,or TQFD) is likely to crack and thus cause non-effective welding because of thehumidity. CATEC auto drycabinet is the best solution to avoid the cracking andnon-effective welding by dehumidifying the surface of your components.


2. Why choose PCB moisture-proof box for storage? how to store the core circuit board?

Itis believed that the problem of storage has been a headache for many boardfactories or manufacturers that need to use such electronic raw materials. Sohow to store the core circuit board? The following is a briefintroduction of why PCB board needs PCB moisture-proof box for storage.

Afterthe PCB board produced by the manufacturer, it's better to pack in vacuumpackage to ensure the quality of PCB. and then wrap the bubble cotton into themoisture-proof bead, then seal the packaging and put it into the carton forsafe transportation and storage.

Butonce these raw materials arrive in the processing factories, there will be somematerials that have been opened but not used up. At this time, if thepreservation is not appropriate, the deposition of gold, tin spray and solderpad on the PCB surface are easy to contact with air, resulting in oxidation,moisture and other phenomena, which is not conducive to the next welding work.Or directly become a dull material, directly to the economic cost of the loss.

Therefore,most of the processing manufacturers will look for a suitable PCBmoisture-proof box to properly keep these opened materials.

Inorder to extend the service life and life of the board, the manufacturer willalso choose PCB moisture-proof box to store, and use nitrogen function toachieve the moisture-proof and anti-oxidation function. It is understood thatthe suitable storage environment for PCB board should be no more than 50% RH,and more attention should be paid to the protection against oxidation duringthe storage process.


3. Is Dry Cabinet necessary for pcb boards?

Somekinds of electronic components, such as pcbs, BGA, IC, chips, etc. all requirestrict humidity. The electronic moisture-proof box can control the humidity toprotect the components away from the effect of moisture, so it is the bestchoice for the storage of electronic components. The electronic devices in theprocess of operation, the semi-finished products in packaging to the nextprocess, the IC, BGA, PCB, etc. which are not used up after unpacking, thedevices waiting for soldering in the tin furnace, the devices waiting fortemperature return after baking, the finished products which are not packed,etc. will be damaged by humidity.


4. working principle of the dry cabinet?

The dehumidificationprocess of the dry cabinet is a physical process of moisture absorbing andexhausting by special desiccator of which the core part / dehumidify unit isthe special macromolecule and memory shape alloy, with the circulation of Absorbing-Evaporating/exhausting-Absorbing-Evaporating/exhausting,and dehumidify unit is attached on inside back of the cabinet. The workingprocess includes two stages:

   --Absorbing Stage: during this process, thehumidity is reducing. The valves are opened inwards and closed outwards inorder to absorb moisture by the desiccants of the dehumidify unit inside thedry cabinet until saturation.                                                     

   --Exhausting Stage: during this process, thehumidity will rise around 2 points because of back valve opening. The valvesare opened outwards and closed inwards in order to exhaust moisture out of thedry cabinet from the saturated desiccants in the Dehumidify Unit. During thisprocess, you can feel quite hot when you put your hand on the back part ofwhich the dehumidify unit is fixed.

     Both the stages will cycle automatically. Thewhole process is controlled by the enclosure of Shape Memory Alloy. For mostdry cabinet makers, they will attach an I.C. Timer together with the ShapeMemory Alloy to adjust the Absorbing--Exhausting circulation. Our technologicalspecialty is that we don't need the I.C.Timer, but the Shape Memory Alloy inour dry cabinet will adjust the Absorbing--Exhausting circulation smartly bythe help of the component of PTC(positive temperature coefficient) inside. Thedehumidify unit is composed of the PTC component, Molecular Sieve and the ShapeMemory Alloy. So, to strengthen the protection of the dehumidify unit from hightemperature influence, we replace with stronger PTC and outer pack for thedehumidify unit.


5. Difference between dry cabinet and nitrogen cabinet?

  1) working principle:

  Dry cabinet is working with CATEC drying module, which is a desiccant enclosure with shape memory alloy, programcontrolled for permanent physical process of moisture absorbing and exhausting.We segregated the category as per different demand, A/20-60%, B/10-20%,C/1-10%,U/1-5%. The buyer will decide on which type according to what items hewants to store inside the cabinet.

N2cabinet has to work with nitrogen gas injection. When n2 injected, the moistureinside the cabinet which is a close space will be pushed outside, and so theinside humidity reduced. With our software control, n2 will be saved for up to70%, compared to the normal n2 system without program control. This is thereason that customers are buying our n2 cabinet. It's workable for humidityrange 1-60%, the lower the more n2 injecting.

BecauseN2 costs quite high, so we designed the system to be compatible for compressedair working.

2)dehumidifying speed

   Because of different drying principles, n2cabinet has much faster speed for dehumidifying. The inside humidity can bereduced to 1% in a few minutes when you start the n2 injection, while the drycabinet has to dehumidify slowly by the process of moisture absorbing andexhausting. 

3)working cost:

   It's a big cost to work with the N2 cabinet,because of continual N2 consumption.


   If just for low humidity, dry cabinet is thebest choice. But for some components that contains brass, silver, gold, etc., thatare very likely to be oxidized, n2 environment is necessary. Normally the userwill know whether he needs dry cabinet or n2 cabinet.


6. What is the humidity sensor calibration time (for how long do you declare proper work of sensor) ?

For all customers, we suggest no need calibration in the first Three years, because we've done outcoming inspection for each unit that will be send Ex-factory. And after the first three yrs, if customer don't find display error exceeds+/-3%RH, no need calibration either. To be honest, so far we don't make any  calibration for any customer in Europe, Russia and America. We got customer's questions about the accuracy, and they eventually agreed to the result with suggest test instrument. We suggest to use the meter with brand name as ROTRONIC, made in Switzerland, model specs as HP21, HP22, or HP23 for options.You can check the local market for the testing tool.


7. What is theoptimal Humidity RH% for different products?

55%-45%RH  Magneticstripe, tape, CD, camera, the camera, slide projector, video machine, telescope,photographs, negative, slide, miniature sheet, tapes, ancient book album, oilpainting, stamps, COINS, antique, CDS, LD, engineering drawing, leather goods,industrial design


45%-35%RH  Precisioninstruments, electronic electric appliance, measuring tools, precision grindingtool, half guide slide, capacitors, tungsten, EI, batteries, optical coatingnamely components, crystal, light source, printed circuit board, detector,charger, precision bearing, optical lens.


35%-20%RH  Variousreagent, samples, filter, standard products, seeds, pollen, dry flower andspices, tea product, coffee, dessert, fluorescent powder, short time deposit ofthe original device of electron (time not more than 45 days).


20%-10%RH  Specialchemicals, precision electronic components group, optocouplers, crystal, SCR,and other sophisticated electronic devices (time not more than 3 months)


10%-1%RH    SMT,IC,BGA,copper, brass, silver, and tungsten platedcomponents,PCB board


8. What is the nitrogen automatic system?

 when the humidity reaches the set point, thenitrogen will be shut off, and when over the setting humidity, theelectromagnetic valve will be power-on automatically to input nitrogen again.Such system can save 70% nitrogen.


9. how does thenitrogen control system maintain the humidity?

Asnitrogen gas is one kind of inert gas with very high purity, it could reducethe humidity inside the cabinet. When you inject the nitrogen gas into a closedspace of the cabinet, it could replace the air inside the cabinet thus reducethe humidity.


10. Is it more advantageous to have both a dry cabinet along with the option of nitrogen flow?

Yes,it is better to have both a dry cabinet along with the option of nitrogen flow,esp. for those components made of copper, wolfram, silver or other metals thatare easy to be oxidized.



11. how longdoes the dry cabinet take to reach the humidity below 5%?

Therelative humidity is a very sensitive coefficient, it is easily effected by theexternal environment. So the recovery time actually depends on many factors, suchas door opening time, ambient environment, and the items stored inside,etc,generally the humidity can reach below 5% RH in 15- 30 minutes when door openwithin 15s in the ambient condition of 25℃ and humidity below 60%RH.


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