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PCBA Services


We design the perfect custom solution for our clients


We offer end-to-end PCB services, covering everything from design to delivery of the final product in proper packaging. With a robust quality management system in place, clients can rest assured that their circuit boards and products will have superior quality and consistent performance. Haizol is the ideal partner for all PCB fabrication requirements.


offers comprehensive and dependable PCB manufacturing services, including rigid FR4, HDI, FPC, Aluminum, Rogers, and other types. The company is dedicated to delivering high-quality and reliable solutions to meet the various needs of their clients.


a convenient one-stop-shop solution for PCBA services, encompassing PCB fabrication, parts sourcing, SMT and/or THT assembly. The services offered are highly customizable to match the specific needs of each project, including requirements for scope, quality, schedule, and budget.


has the capability to swiftly transform your ideas into tangible products by leveraging your requirements such as function, shape, drawing, etc. The company provides comprehensive design and prototype services, including schematic creation, layout design, component selection, circuit simulation, software development, and more.


leverages their technical expertise and experience to minimize potential problems in the manufacturing process, from production to assembly. The company offers simulation analysis, expert advice, and evaluates the most appropriate materials for boards with controlled impedance. Additionally, they design impedance modules, determine insulation gaps and trace widths, and oversee all other critical aspects of the project.

Services Range

We offers PCB manufacturing services to customers around the world, serving industries such as medical, automotive, consumer products, IoT, industrial controllers, solar energy, military, and more. Our focus is on delivering fast and responsive, cost-effective, and high-quality on-demand manufacturing services. Our manufacturing partners are well-equipped and hold prestigious certifications such as ISO9001:2015, ISO13485, and IATF16949.

specializes in producing both standard and specialized PCBs for a variety of applications, including high-end ones. Their services encompass all aspects of PCB production, from standard to complex designs.

provides professional design and production services for standard and high-end PCBs, delivering innovative and effective solutions for all design needs.

specializes in producing small, medium, and large PCB runs using advanced technology. We provide a full range of PCB production services to meet the demands of their clients, regardless of scale or complexity.

provides PCBA assembly manufacturing services, including component assembly and final functional testing to ensure the highest quality and reliability of their products. Their experienced team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and meeting the needs of their clients.

-offers comprehensive project management for their clients, encompassing PCB design and production, assembly, and functional testing. Their dedicated team expertly schedules and coordinates all processes to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products, meeting the expectations of their clients.

provides extensive technical support to ensure the success of their clients' projects. Their support covers material specifications, stack-up design, and the optimization of production data, including panel layouts, to ensure the highest quality and reliability of their products.